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Announcement: Our next training will be held December 1st

We are excited to announce that, if you are a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), you may apply the CircleTalk Leader Certification Course towards Professional Continuing Education for your CSA certification!

The CircleTalk program is based on the principle that human connections are essential to the well-being of individuals, particularly in life’s last chapter.

circleTalk3The CircleTalk Leader Course offers an unparalleled experience for professionals and volunteers to get certified in our method and learn skills and processes essential to effectively lead this revolutionary program.

It is designed to prepare participants to facilitate and launch CircleTalk programs in churches, other houses of faith and spirit, senior community centers, senior living communities and any setting where seniors gather. The training course and materials will build capacity in your organization toward creating an environment of meaningful engagement and well-being. CircleTalk provides a comprehensive and rich program format that can be implemented with multiple groups with up to one year of non-repeating curriculum.

If you want to offer this extraordinary experience to older adults, we invite you to become a Certified CircleTalk Leader and join our community!


  • Price for regular, single registration for training: $475
  • Early Registration price: $425 (ends 2 weeks prior to training date, so June 2* (*extended to June 9th) and October 22 are last days to register under Early Registration)
  • Group discounts available for 3 or more people together: $380/person early registration, $430 regular group rate
  • Scholarships may be available at each training day. Please contact [email protected] if you need one.

 When you become a Certified CircleTalk Leader, you will be able to:

  • Apply foundational research on loneliness and isolation when interacting with older adults in individual and group situations.
  • Describe the importance of the structure, format and processes of the CircleTalk program.
  • Practice the attitudes and skills necessary to effectively lead a CircleTalk program.
  • Build positive, supportive and safe group environment for meaningful engagement and personal connections.
  • Effectively use the CircleTalk curriculum and customize the program to fit specific group needs.
  • ** Get experience with your newly learned CircleTalk skills as soon as possible to apply what you have just learned. We strongly encourage you to identify who will be in your first group before you come to the CircleTalk Leader Course. Then, you can get started as soon as possible. Keep in mind that this can be any group of friends, colleagues or a older adults who reside in your community! **


What is included in the CircleTalk Leader Certification process: 

  • One day, 8- hour training program, lunch included.
  • Course materials include
    • the CircleTalk Leader Course Manual
    • the first 13 weeks of the CircleTalk Curriculum
    • the CircleTalk “Kit” containing materials and props that support program implementation
  • An informative and supportive “First Steps” webinar (within 2 weeks of the training day), to prepare you for recruiting and convening your first two CircleTalk Circles.
    • This will support you to start your first group with confidence and provide a forum for answering your questions about program implementation.
  • Within the first 12 months of training, you are eligible for two, free 30-minute coaching sessions via Skype, email or phone with a master trainer.

Note:  Certification requires:

  1. Successful completion of the training day.
  2. Completion of the ‘First Steps’ Webinar.
  3. Completion of 2 self-evaluations and coaching sessions as you are leading an actual circle.

These requirements must be satisfied within 12 months of the training day.


Who makes a good CircleTalk Leader?

From years of field testing, we have learned that people who possess the following attributes and skills are a good match for this role.

To know if this role as a CircleTalk Leader is right for you, ask yourself, “Do I understand the importance of, or, have I been able to …”

  1. Establish trust and a sense of group safety when participating in or leading a group?
  2. Support the group process, including drawing people out, staying with the meeting agenda and encouraging positive and inclusive interactions?
  3. Be comfortable with expressing compassion, authenticity, warmth and care?

If you answered yes to these questions, we invite you to join us to learn this powerful method of engagement at our next public training!


Testimonials from recent trainings:

“Fab, fun and functional! I look forward to my first leader experience!”  -Michelle

“I really enjoyed the practical, experiential activities. They helped me put all the pieces together.”  -Barbara

“I was inspired, satisfied and informed about how important real engagement is and that we can create a program to do it.”  -Jill

“Beautifully done….Great work designing this course..and lots of humor!” -Barb

“Really fluid training and loved the design of the CircleTalk method. Great day!”  -Jack

“The day went so fast! Loved the experiential exercises and demonstrations!” -Judy

“Excellent hands-on experience!” -Laurie

“I loved this training day and learned a lot. It was good for my head, heart and soul.” -Kathryn

Contact [email protected] for more information on getting certified orRegister Now!!