CircleTalk Participants

“Anytime that you can have an opportunity to get closer to people, it’s a good thing.”
– Chauncey, Frasier Meadows

“Community is key… and when it’s not there, a residence is just an institution.”
– Wil, 89 –Frasier Meadows

“Why isn’t this available to everybody who is in this (assisted living) residence?”
Bill, 82, Brookdale Wynwood

“Many people feel isolated and have had a hard time getting to really know another person. At CircleTalk, we feel seen for who we are and connected.”
– Carolyn, Frasier Meadows

“This CircleTalk community has really enriched my life…my last chapter.”
– Alma, Golden West

“We did enter as strangers and leave as friends. You do really create a small community within a large community.”
– Priscilla, Golden West Senior Living

“This was a chance for our memories and feelings to come up. It was great!”
– Midget, Golden West

“(CircleTalk) felt warm and comforting—like I belonged there.”
– Bea, Golden West

“I have known many of my friends for 50 years and more. I feel like I know these people in the Circle better—and I just met them!”
– Ruth, 85

Voice-impaired Frances had hardly ever said a word in the ten years that Judy had known her. “Except in this group. Here we can hardly get her to stop talking!”
– Judy, 87



“For a lot of people the change of moving into a senior residence is difficult…you do everything as a group. To have CircleTalk come in and give an opportunity to really know a select group, one-on-one, is huge. It can be a make-or-break whether a person is satisfied living here.”
– Jill Moore, Director of Residential Life, Golden West

“If you don’t already have something like CircleTalk in your facility, you should. To have a space where people can relate to one another on a personal level. That works!”
– Jill Moore, Director of Residential Life, Golden West

“You see boredom and isolation in a senior residence …I wonder with our regular activities, do people really get to know each other? CircleTalk has a whole other dimension..learning about others and yourself, laughing, and even crying. (CircleTalk) contributes to the overall happiness of people who live here.”
– John Torres, Executive Director at Golden West


Family Members

“I noticed a huge change in mom’s attitude. At first I didn’t know what it was. Then mom started talking about the circle and how much she enjoyed talking to people. My daughter said, “We got grandma back!”
– Mary, mother of Doris at Golden West