Welcome to Our Circle! A Glimpse at our Weekly Meetings

Wonder what we talk about at CircleTalk?

Allow me to invite you into a Circle that I had the privilege of leading last week. . .


First, we all took a few moments to settle in to our hour together with a brief guided meditation. We collectively proclaimed: “Let us take a break from the world outside this room.” With that, our Circle is formed!

Next, we “Warmed Up” with a light-hearted query: “If you could be reincarnated, who or what would you come back as?” (Houdini? Einstein? Eleanor Roosevelt?) Anything goes!

The “Main Theme” for the day takes most of our time. This week we read a short poem about the quirks and idiosyncrasies that we all possess, and that make us unique in the world. The poem prompted both laughter and contemplation, leading to vibrant follow up questions. For instance, “What are other things that distinguish us as different from others?”

Our Circle then pondered and answered the question central to this particular meeting. “As we pass around a hand mirror look into the reflection and pick out a feature on your face that is uniquely yours and has been passed to you from an ancestor. It could be that your eyes are from your mother, or your smile is from your grandfather!”

And so we begin another week musings about life and who we are now. Insights and memories flow freely with many laughs and even some tears. This is our recipe for connection, belonging and community at CircleTalk. 

What do I notice? The level of personal disclosure and dedicated listening makes this experience an unparalleled 60 minutes for all in the group. To feel listened to and a part of something meaningful with true connection to each other. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Welcome to the Circle!

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