What Is Your Organization Doing to Cure the Loneliness Epidemic?

What we know:

Over 14 million people aged 65 and older live alone in USA.
As social networks decrease as we age, we are at risk for chronic loneliness and isolation, or both.
Seniors who feel lonely are more likely to report having poor physical and/or mental health.
Loneliness and social isolation are major predictors of poorer cognitive health and increased health costs and shorter life expectancy.

What can be done?

Bring a program for engagement, belonging and community into your, or any setting where seniors gather. Join us on December 1st 2017 in Boulder, Colorado to learn the CircleTalk Method. In this day of personal and professional growth you will:

  • Form healthy groups- Maximize participation and meaningful engagement.
  • Lead creative activities and processes that support self-expression and support a positive, open environment for telling personal stories.

We are currently enrolling December 1st 2017 CircleTalk Leader Course in Boulder.

The CircleTalk Leader Course is an invaluable training to take if you:

  • Currently volunteer (or want to volunteer) with a senior organization and would like to create a group forum for connection and community building.
  • Work with seniors in a senior center, house of faith or other community-based setting.
  • Work in a senior community-based or residential organization/company as an activity coordinator, residential life manager, activities director, etc.

Do you want a personal and professional growth challenge?

Take to CircleTalk Leader Course to develop skills to lead a unique group method, curriculum and activities.

Learn more here.

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