Connection, Belonging, Relationships.
They still matter.

CircleTalk™ starts new group conversations (both face-to-face and virtually), bringing meaningful engagement in any setting where older adults gather.

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Americans, More Than Ever, Are Aging Alone . . . Loneliness undermines health and is linked to early mortality.
– The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 11, 2018

CircleTalk™ is an important social engagement innovation. It brings a turn key solution to address the isolation and loneliness of older adults wherever they gather.

Our Mission

Disrupting Loneliness

Putting Relationships at the Center
We are currently facing an epidemic of loneliness and isolation affecting more than 8 million older adults. Social isolation presents serious health risks linked to a many devastating health problems and cognitive decline. CircleTalk™ is working to reverse this tide by creating opportunities for new relationships and rich conversations.

Healthy Aging and the Importance of Human Connections.

CircleTalk™ programs are designed to build connections and relationships through high quality interactions with others. CircleTalk™ is a turn key solution with a conversation-driven curriculum that is specifically designed for older adults. CircleTalk™ programs are a perfect program compliment in any setting where older adults gather including senior-living communities, adult day programs and senior centers.

CircleTalk™ Leaders facilitate focused activities and meaningful conversations so that participants experience a sense of belonging and connection to others. Circle members enjoy self-reflection, personal storytelling as well as fun and light activities.

CircleTalk™ is changing the landscape of social interactions for older adults and disrupting the potential for loneliness and isolation as we age.

CircleTalk™ methods are evidence-informed and comprehensively field-tested. Since 2011, older adults have connected in over 3000 hours of CircleTalk™ programs.

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How Does CircleTalk™ Work?

CircleTalk™ is a regularly scheduled, one hour conversation program guided by trained leaders that follow the CircleTalk™ Curriculum.

Who Gets Trained to Lead CircleTalk™ Programs?

CircleTalk™ Leaders are senior care professionals enhancing residential life programs in their communities, volunteers leading valuable community building programs, and a variety of other individuals positively impacting the aging landscape.

1. Get Trained

In the CircleTalk™ Leader Course you will learn the methods and skills, acquire the tools, and get the support you need to lead CircleTalk™. We provide multiple options to get trained in this original, innovative program.

2. Begin your Circle

Once trained in CircleTalk™, you are prepared to schedule and begin leading ‘Circles’. Our course provides you with the resources of CircleTalk™ Master Trainers for coaching to get your Circle started.