A New CircleTalk Group Finds Connection in Shared Life Experiences

We never know what the configuration of each new CircleTalk group will be until the first day. It is always interesting to see who we attract! Couples, all women, a mix of men and women? Does it matter that members have known each other, superficially, for years or not at all?

Our new CircleTalk group at Golden West Terraces convened on Wednesday with 3 men and 5 women. The men, not really knowing what to expect of themselves or the group, enthusiastically shared evocative vignettes about the deep friendships they’d experienced over the course of their lives. The group then segued to discuss common issues and feelings that arise with compressing a lifetime of belongings and property to move into an apartment in a senior residence. Since there were several new residents in our group, this happened to be an especially relevant shared experience that provided significant emotional relief to many! Speaking about one’s individual experiences and realizing that the majority of people in our circle had shared that exact experience provided a remarkable sense of relief.

Everyone shed a tear or two, and all were perfectly comfortable and secure in trusting that their personal stories would be received with warmth, interest, and kindness. So it is with great enthusiasm that we set off on our 12-week journey together as a group that, having entered as strangers, will inevitably leave with a sense of friendship as each week passes!

2 comments on “A New CircleTalk Group Finds Connection in Shared Life Experiences

  1. I found the idea of Circle Talk very interesting and I would like to start one in my mother’s assisted Living facility. How do I go about getting one started in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. What are the fees, cost associated with training etc. Are there any training programs in Canada?

    • HI Patricia,

      I would love to discuss the specifics of CircleTalk and how we might bring this to your community in Canada! Can we schedule a time to talk after the 29th of November?

      All the best, Deb Skovron, CircleTalk Director/Creative Director

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