The CircleTalk™ Philosophy

Fighting the loneliness epidemic.

CircleTalk™ was created to address the need to disrupt loneliness and isolation in the lives of older adults. Our solution is a turn key program that trains facilitators in the CircleTalk ™ method and curriculum. This allows organizations to provide thoughtful social engagement programming in any setting where older adults gather.

CircleTalk™ programs directly support those providing life enrichment programs with a vibrant engagement tool that is easy to integrate into existing programming.

Bring us to residential communities and anywhere older adults gather.

Benefits to CircleTalk™ Participants:

  • Make connections with other people and form relationships inside and outside the group.
    Belong! Be a member of a weekly (or more frequent), structured and meaningful conversation group.
  • Be involved in compelling and interesting conversations.
  • CircleTalk™ is easy to access! All groups meet members’ hearing, vision and cognitive needs.

Benefits to CircleTalk™ Leader and Organizations:

  • Enable leaders to immediately begin CircleTalk™ programs through a cost-effective, one-day training program that includes curriculum and materials.
  • Learn a powerful, professional development skill that simplifies creating a fun, interesting, and purposeful group.
  • Have access to CircleTalk™ Master Leaders anytime you need them!
  • Make your job more fulfilling by be being more connected to program participants and add meaning to your job.
  • Increase staff job satisfaction by building more depth into resident relationships
  • Provide a proven way to welcome new residents and support successful transitions.
  • Ease family concerns. CircleTalk™ lessens family concerns about whether their family member will feel included and recognized as a unique individual.
  • Meets the needs of a wide range of older adults in an easily customized program method and curriculum.