The CircleTalk™ Philosophy

Fighting the loneliness epidemic.

CircleTalk™ is a solution that disrupts loneliness and isolation in the lives of older adults. We train people to lead the CircleTalk ™ program. Why is this so important? So that they connection belonging, and new relationships can come into the lives of the people you support.

CircleTalk™  adds depth to life enrichment programs in any setting where older adults gather. We offer you an  engagement tool that is easy to integrate into existing programming that takes place virtually or face-to-face.

What Do You Get as a Participant of CircleTalk™?

  • Belonging! Be part of a regular conversation group.
  • Connected with other people. Form lasting relationships.
  • Compelling and meaningful conversations.
  • Accessibility to others for a social experience, no matter where you are or what your challenges may be as you age (hearing, vision or cognitive).

What Do You Get as a CircleTalk™ Leader?

  • All the skills and materials to start a program immediately after completion of the CircleTalk™ Leader Course.
  • Professional development in powerful group facilitation skills.
  • Access to CircleTalk™ Master Leaders anytime you need them!
  • Feel more connected to people with whom you work.
  • A successful way to welcome new residents and support their transitions.
  • Ease family concerns about whether their family member will feel included and recognized as a unique individual.