CircleTalk Now Happening in Four Boulder Senior Residences

We are excited to announce 3 new partnerships at CircleTalk! This month, we are pleased to team up with Frasier Meadows, Flatirons Terrace and The Carillon at Boulder Creek to lead CircleTalk for an experience of connection., belonging and relationships to their wonderful residents. And, we continue to offer CircleTalk to residents at Golden West Senior Living where we have been creating a culture of connection for the last 5 years.

At Frasier Meadows, we guide three circles; one for residents at Frasier Assisted Living apartments and two circles within Independent Living. We were happy to say that we had planned for one circle and were over-subscribed-so we added another! Additionally, we are coaching three of Frasier’s staff to be able to lead groups in the CircleTalk method.

At Flatirons, we are beginning our third round of circles. We have had a robust group of long-tem and new residents in this group that brings a new experience of community to all who participate.

Finally, at The Carillon at Boulder Creek, we are holding the first CircleTalk program with a group of curious and enthusiastic residents. We barely fit in the room, and we have an amazing, soulful hour together every Sunday morning.

By the numbers…currently we have a total of 45 CircleTalk participants at Golden West, 12 participants at The Carillon, 30 participants and Frasier and 10 participants at Flatirons Terrace. That makes a grand total of 87 men and women who are discovering new community, learning more about themselves and having an engaged and connected experience in CircleTalk circles.

Stay tuned.

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