Come to the next CircleTalk Leader Course – June 8 in Boulder & June 15 in Denver!

We are committed to combatting the ongoing persistence of loneliness and depression for those residing in senior living and aging in place. Is there any reason not to find new ways to offer great social engagement programs for older adults? We are pleased to offer another opportunity to learn how to connect and engage older adults and build a community experience through our CircleTalk Leader Course.

Choose the CircleTalk Leader Course that works for you:

June 8th, 2018, 8:30am – 5pm
Frasier Meadows: 350 Ponca Place, Boulder, CO 80303

June 15th, 2018, 8:30am – 5pm
Certified Senior Advisors Offices: 720 S Colorado Blvd, Ste 750N, Denver, CO 80246

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Why is CircleTalk so relevant and important?

A recently published paper in the Journal of Aging Studies has called for a “social revolution in residential care” in order to combat the ongoing (and growing) persistence of loneliness and depression in the aging population.

The authors note that the psychosocial care offered to residents to address loneliness and depression are in the form of light social events such as games, trips, and social gatherings. They write that “Although these activities provide enjoyment for some, loneliness and depression persist and the lack of resident input perpetuates the stereotype of residents as passive recipients of care,” citing studies that report between 29 and 55 percent of residents in various senior living settings experiencing loneliness. They go on to note that many senior living residents continue to report lack of meaning in their lives, limited opportunities to contribute, and a frustration with a paternalistic treatment by staff.

In order to combat this state of affairs, the authors point to research on programs that encourage greater engagement and peer support among residents that can offer them opportunities to be socially productive and to create a valued social identity.
We value older adults and the stories they have to share.

CircleTalk is a social engagement program for older adults that disrupts isolation and loneliness. Participants in CircleTalk programs experience an increased sense of social health and well-being, belonging and deeper connection with others in the conversation group. CircleTalk offers a positive, safe space for sharing stories, insights and feelings through evocative and creative activities.

Our mission at CircleTalk is to train and support CircleTalk Leaders to facilitate this structured conversation program and build a culture of meaningful engagement, where ever older adults gather.

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