Last Call to Join the Circle Talk Leader Training!

Registration for the CircleTalk Leader Course closes on Thursday at 5 PM. We have 4 spots left! Contact us if you are interested in enrolling in this interactive and dynamic one day training program.

In her TedTalk “The Simple Cure For Loneliness”, Baya Voce states that “Loneliness is an emotional state that we have when are we feeling disconnected. But our need or connection is engraved in our DNA. Loneliness is a signal just like fight or flight thatnsomething isn’t right. Loneliness is a public health crisis.”

She gives voice to the fact that when we feel connected, we feel seen, heard and valued. At CircleTalk, we agree. Our goal is simply to deepen relationships and create a quality experience for everyone that sits in the Circle. And quite simply, it works!

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