Making Friends as a Lifelong Skill

We are all human beings. A short tutorial on making friends from Gerda

Here is Gerda, one of the most fearless people I know when it comes to staying involved in what I call the social fabric of a community. Gerda, living at home until recently, typifies the person that we describe today as being most at risk for social isolation-she has lost some hearing, vision and mobility-she has 2 failed hips and uses canes and walkers, and she has lost her spouse and ability to drive, among other things.

Gerda does not let these natural changes that come with aging define her. Even when our physical self and lifestyle have been reshaped by aging, and yet her need to connect remains central to every interaction.

I like what Gerda has to say about making friends and building her network, constantly. One thing research tells us about social well-being is, as we age, we need to consciously build our networks of friends, neighbors and acquaintances. We should do this when we are in our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in order to stay connected, engaged and vibrant as we age in any community.

Thank you Gerda for your spirit and tenacity! And may we all possess your energy, good humor and beautiful circle of friends at 95!

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