Virtual Learning – 6 Modules, 1-2 hours per week over 4 Weeks

As a CircleTalk™ Leader, you will become trained to implement the CircleTalk™ Curriculum, which is available as an ebook or printed book, your preference. Participant questions, practice activities, demonstrations, and coaching are experienced through live, scheduled video calls.

Course Content:

  • Orientation to the CircleTalk™ Leader Course.
  • Module #1: Why social isolation is a widespread epidemic and how CircleTalk™ combats social isolation.
  • Module #2: The “Safety Framework” for building healthy groups, both virtual and face to face.
  • Module #3: Understanding leader presence, maximizing participation and engaging adults with mild cognitive challenges. Learn unique strategies for hosting and leading CircleTalk™ groups on virtual and face-to-face platforms.
  • Module #4: The importance of the CircleTalk™ Curriculum design in facilitating meaningful conversations and getting circles started.
  • Module #5: Integrate learning and graduation!

What you get as a course participant:

  • Weekly presentations and CircleTalk™ demonstration videos.
  • 3 live coaching calls with CircleTalk™ Master Trainers for questions, practice and skill development.
  • The CircleTalk™ Action Guide—an invaluable tool for you far beyond the end of the course—will guide you through course Modules. At the beginning of each module, you will need to download and print the Action Guide for that module to easily follow along with tutorials and videos.
  • CircleTalk™ Curriculum, the first of three curriculum sets available to trained leaders. Each curriculum set contains 12 chapters with Circle descriptions, non-repeating activities and discussion themes.
  • A Leader “Kit” with supportive materials and activity props.
  • Two 30-minute consulting/coaching meetings – CircleTalk™ Master Trainers will support you to successfully start and sustain CircleTalk™ in any setting.

Tuition: $495

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April 5 – May 3

5 reviews for CircleTalk™ Virtual Training Course

  1. 5 trained leaders from 2021 courses (verified owner)

    In response to the question on the Evaluation Question –

    Regarding the CircleTalk Module Content… What has been the most valuable information to you in preparing you as a leader?
    – “So much! It’s hard to say what’s been most valuable. What comes to mind immediately is the strength of the curriculum. I’m committed to using it faithfully.”
    – “I learn best by watching videos examples. I especially appreciated watching the circle talk demonstrations.”
    – “All of the materials that we could download and make copies of. Also, being able to practice with the group was very helpful.”
    – “watching the circles”
    – “I really love the summary connections. I feel this is the most valuable part of the circle talk. It gives people a sense of really belonging and helps them feel valued as a person.”

  2. Kathy Nelson (verified owner)

    FROM CircleTalk™ Leader —————-
    “Actually the group is going really well. The warm up today was to bring an object and all but one had something. One gentleman talked about a small elephant his grandmother gave him when he was 5. He’s had it 86 years! There were so many touching stories and people really opened up. It was so sweet!
    We already have some interest for a new group in January!”
    – Kathy Nelson, leading circle at Cherry Creek Retirement Village

  3. Kathy Lee (verified owner)

    FROM CircleTalk™ Leader –

    “Kelly and I are enjoying CIRCLETALK so much ! We had a gentleman bring his harmonica for his special item from home. He played for us after CircleTalk was over. These people become so dear to us, so quickly. I absolutely love CircleTalk.” Sincerely Kathy Lee, Prairie Family Center

  4. Pooler (verified owner)

    FROM CircleTalk™ Leader –

    “I wanted to share that I’m excited to start another CT group tomorrow! It worked well in my last virtual group to give everyone folders with our meeting time and dates on the front. They kept their poem/story copies there for the cycle as well. This time we get to be in person!! So excited! I’m welcoming my folks with new folders and cute name tags.”

  5. Kelsey (verified owner)

    FROM CircleTalk™ Leader –

    “I would recommend this course to others because I believe that everyone can really benefit from the skills taught in the CircleTalk program. Wouldn’t we all benefit from being a better listener and having structured conversations with others?!”

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