Taking the Lead, and Seeing the Light

As we prepare for our next CircleTalk Leader Certification Course on November 11th, I came across a wonderful piece of writing. It was written by Jack Williamson, a newly trained CircleTalk leader who was reflecting on his recent experience. Here’s what he had to say:


When lights come on

I am gratified when I see the lights of discovery and understanding come on in eyes of another person. I am finding this to be a recurring experience when sitting in CircleTalk with senior residents in retirement communities.

I saw it yesterday in Junes eyes when she talked about her love in breathing in the beauty of the Flatirons from her apartment balcony and her mischievous threat for any commercial builder who even thinks of trying to block her view.  I caught a glimpse of this light in the eyes of a senior 90 year old sharing her appreciation for those whose kindness notice and appreciate her.  This light was reflected in the eyes a gentle-man who spoke about his new awareness and desire to apologize to those whose feelings he may have hurt.  Suspicious when she came to her first CircleTalk meeting, now I watch a joyous light come on in the eyes of Jeanne as she finds others interested as she shares memories from her childhood. 

While I am still a new leader to this contagious CircleTalk experience, I am gratified each time I sit with senior residents. As they are given a safe structure and a fresh method for sharing cherished memories, while listening to others doing the same, they quietly discover new connections and friendships within their communities.  They are beginning to live the CircleTalk goal of Entering as Strangers, Leaving as Friends.

I am gratified when I see lights come on in the eyes of these precious senior residents.


Upon absorbing Jack’s poetic notions, I felt a deep appreciation for the wonderful leaders that participate in CircleTalk. Without them, our organization could not exist, and our mission could not be accomplished.

This appreciation is in the forefront of our minds as we gear up to train the next group of CircleTalk leaders on November 11th.

dscf1080Being a leader in CircleTalk can be a profound experience, as we saw from Jack’s words. Also, a CircleTalk leader will frequently witness profound moments in the lives of other. Like most leadership roles, leading a CircleTalk is nuanced. At times it is best to sit back and listen, and other times to lead by example. The one thing that guarantees becoming a successful CircleTalk leader is embracing your role to the fullest.

And so with excitement and pride, we look forward to our next CircleTalk leader training! This November 11th in Boulder, CO, we will conduct a full day of training activities. Learn more here, or click here to register!


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