CircleTalk™ Participants

“Anytime that you can have an opportunity to get closer to people, it’s a good thing.”
– Chauncey, Frasier Meadows

“Community is key… and when it’s not there, a residence is just an institution.”
– Wil, 89 –Frasier Meadows

“Though very comfortable with one on one client interactions, the idea of facilitating groups has always been a daunting one. The CircleTalk™ training helped me ease into the process in two ways. First was that the core part of the training included demonstration and practice of the facilitation process. Second is that the CircleTalk™ manual is designed in such a way that each section is essentially scripted with suggestions for additional conversation prompts if needed or adjustments for different levels of cognitive ability. I don’t worry now about my feelings of awkwardness in leading groups, because I’ve learned through facilitating that ninety percent is showing up, and being present and listening with kindness. The rest takes care of itself!”
– Laure

“Why isn’t this available to everybody who is in this (assisted living) residence?”
Bill, 82, Brookdale Wynwood

“Many people feel isolated and have had a hard time getting to really know another person. At CircleTalk™, we feel seen for who we are and connected.”
– Carolyn, Frasier Meadows

“This CircleTalk™ community has really enriched my life…my last chapter.”
– Alma, Golden West

“We did enter as strangers and leave as friends. You do really create a small community within a large community.”
– Priscilla, Golden West Senior Living

“This was a chance for our memories and feelings to come up. It was great!”
– Midge, Golden West

“(CircleTalk™) felt warm and comforting—like I belonged there.”
– Bea, Golden West

“I have known many of my friends for 50 years and more. I feel like I know these people in the Circle better—and I just met them!”
– Ruth, 85

Voice-impaired Frances had hardly ever said a word in the ten years that Judy had known her. “Except in this group. Here we can hardly get her to stop talking!”
– Judy, 87



“For a lot of people the change of moving into a senior residence is difficult…you do everything as a group. To have CircleTalk™ come in and give an opportunity to really know a select group, one-on-one, is huge. It can be a make-or-break whether a person is satisfied living here.”
– Jill Moore, Director of Residential Life, Golden West

“If you don’t already have something like CircleTalk™ in your facility, you should. To have a space where people can relate to one another on a personal level. That works!”
– Jill Moore, Director of Residential Life, Golden West

“You see boredom and isolation in a senior residence …I wonder with our regular activities, do people really get to know each other? CircleTalk™ has a whole other dimension..learning about others and yourself, laughing, and even crying. (CircleTalk™) contributes to the overall happiness of people who live here.”
– John Torres, Executive Director at Golden West


Family Members

“I noticed a huge change in mom’s attitude. At first I didn’t know what it was. Then mom started talking about the circle and how much she enjoyed talking to people. My daughter said, “We got grandma back!”
– Mary, mother of Doris at Golden West