What makes life significant?

In 2014 Atul Gwande published his seminal book on end of life values and perspectives by the medical establishment.

Let’s return to this except from the introduction and ask: Are we making headway in the fight to disrupt what is referred to as “the terror of isolation”?

At CircleTalk™, we believe that connection, belonging and relationships are significant. Read on…..

Medicine and What Matters in the End

~From BEING MORTAL, Atul Gawande (2014)

“The problem with medicine and the institutions it has spawned for the care of the sick and the old is not that they have had an incorrect view of what makes life significant. The problem is that they have had almost no view at all…

It’s been an experiment in social engineering, putting our fates in the hands of people valued more for their technical prowess than for their understanding of human needs.

That experiment has failed…

The terror of sickness and old age is not merely the terror of the losses one is forced to endure but also the terror of the isolation. As people become aware of the finitude of their life, they do not ask for much. They do not seek more riches. They do not seek more power. They ask only to be permitted, insofar as possible, to keep shaping the story of their life in the world — to make choices, and sustain connections to others according to their own priorities.”

Want to create meaningful and sustainable connections?

We are training new Leaders! The CircleTalk™ Leader Course is a one-day course preparing CircleTalk™ Leaders to guide our curriculum-driven program that offers older adults an opportunity for enjoying a sense of belonging and community through meaningful conversations and creative activities in small groups:

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Other News!

CircleTalk™ was a keynote speaker at the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging’s Show Me Summit on Aging & Health!
We are traveling the country, spreading the word about the CircleTalk™ program! We were thrilled to be presenters at this inspiring conference.

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